I was not eating properly...

“When I started my nutrition with Auston, I wasn’t eating properly to fuel my body for competing and I needed to get some weight off. He set my macros for me, gave me plenty of tips and encouragement. I was able to embrace nutrition, lose weight, and crush my workouts. All this support enabled me to have my best Crossfit Open since I started CrossFit six years ago. I placed in the top 200 worldwide and won 21.4 worldwide. These accomplishments allowed me to qualify for the AGOQ and I ended up finishing in the top 100 in the world and win test #4. I would have never accomplished these goals if Auston wasn’t helping and supporting me with my nutrition.”

Aimee Ventura //  Happy Client

I understand how to fuel my body...

“I want to start by saying before having Bekah as my coach, I did macros for months with no results. I was still tired and not feeling motivated to really push myself in the gym or in the kitchen to cook or plan my meals. I literally wanted to give up and say this doesn’t work but I didn't. I looked for someone who is motivated and has the mindset I wanted for myself. So after just a couple months of having Bekah as my nutrition coach I have gotten down to the leanest I’ve ever been, I feel great about my progress and every week I see more and more results! Not only is she a coach, she is there for you no matter what I may need, like new meal ideas, recipes, how to incorporate new foods, and even advice on ways to incorporate foods you may never have tried before! Honestly I have a better mindset when it comes to food and what I eat. I used to beat myself up if I ate something that may be considered bad but now I track it, eat it and go on about my day!  I have a great relationship with food now and now I understand how to fuel my body with a purpose that fits my lifestyle and goals. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Bekah. She is exactly the kind of coach I need to hold me accountable and help me reach my goals!”

Nathalie Lopez //  Happy Client

Forge Nutrition has been my rock!...

“Auston Ingram with Forge Nutrition has been my rock! Within the past 5 years, I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and the weight gain made its debut shortly after. Anyone with this disease knows that you have to work twice as hard than the normal person just to maintain weight. After struggling for years with endless diets and no physical change, I finally let Auston take the reins. He has not only been my nutritionist but he’s also my encourager and shoulder to lean on when I get frustrated. I am finally seeing results in the mirror and on the scale! Auston's way is a lifestyle change that you can actually live with and maintain! Without question, I would recommend Auston Ingram to anyone wanting a small or large change!”

Christine F. //  Happy Client

Bekah Foy is my “macros coach”...

“I have been using Bekah Foy as my “macros coach” long before she became certified. Her knowledge for tracking macros and desire for helping others succeed with tracking macros is why I jumped at hiring her to become my nutrition coach as soon as she became WAG certified. There is no one else I would use.”

Erin Patterson  //  Happy Client

Auston has made it easy to understand....

“First time ever following a "diet". I will say coach Auston has made it easy to understand. He is very educational and dedicated to helping me reach goals. In just 5 months I have dropped the number on the scale. I definitely feel so much better overall. He makes sure I stay on track even when facing personal obstacles. I will continue to work with coach Auston and am very excited to reach my ultimate goal.”

Miz Aguilar//  Happy Client

I enjoy the pep talks and motivation...

“Working with coach Auston has been a great experience. He helps me understand why I have to consume the amount of the food that he has programmed for me. I enjoy the pep talks and motivation he brings on a weekly basis, makes me feel like he’s in my corner and we're in this together to help me achieve my goals. Great Coach!”

Benny Aguilar //  Happy Client