Hello! My name is Bekah, and I became a certified nutrition coach through Working Against Gravity in December of 2020!

I would say that my passion for fitness began at young age when I was introduced to the sport of soccer. I played up until my senior year of high school and when my soccer career was over, I felt kind of lost. After a couple of years, I entered the CrossFit world and never looked back. CrossFit filled the void that soccer left and is still a huge part of my life now.

All that to say that, even though my fitness has been on point for years now, my nutrition took some time to catch up! I was one of those “outwork a bad diet” kind of gals.

You know .. the “if I do this hour-long workout, it’s okay if I eat that cookie” mentality. In March of 2019 I decided that enough was enough. I was ready to commit to becoming the BEST version of myself. I took the leap of faith and signed up for Working Against Gravity and to this day, I still check in with my very own nutrition coach on a weekly basis! I was so moved by my own nutrition journey and became so passionate about nutrition that I decided that I wanted to complete the nutrition certification program that WAG offered so that I could help others experience what I had experienced myself.

I personally know how difficult it can be to really focus on creating good nutrition habits. I know the learning curve that is involved with tracking food, learning food labels, and even understanding the nutritional breakdown of food. However, I also know how rewarding it feels to look back over a period of 6 months or even a year and see the physical (and even mental) changes that your body undergoes when you put all of your effort into your nutrition. Whether it be losing that pesky 5 pounds or improving your relationship with food, I want to help everyone experience that rewarding feeling!

Auston and I have partnered to create Forge Nutrition so that we can help people reach their performance/aesthetic goals and also create long-lasting nutrition habits that they can take into future phases of life.


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