What is up my name is Auston Ingram and I was WAG (Working Against Gravity) certified in 2020.

   My fitness Journey started when I could walk, playing all sports until I came to find the one that would carry me throughout my youth and teens, Baseball! I played all the time and for multiple leagues growing up. My Junior year I blew my arm out and that was the end of things, or so I thought. As I continued in this journey called life, I found CrossFit and it was off to the races.

 I was trying to keep up and started really looking at nutrition. I got involved with a friend at the gym I was attending who was WAG certified. 

I quickly realized how little I knew about nutrition and by simply tracking and fine tuning it, I was able to increase my performance in the gym. I wanted to learn about everything I was doing so I could do better and that transitioned into me wanting to share it with others.

   My love for CrossFit led me to get my L1 Certification in 2019 and the nutrition led to getting certified in WAG in early 2020. I followed that up with my ISSA Personal Training/Nutrition Certification in 2021. There is nothing more I enjoy then helping people achieve their goals.

   Bekah and I partnered together because we understand the ins and outs of what it takes to do this. We understand the highs of losing weight every week or the lows of trying to get that last little bit off or worse, stalling out. Together we created a great support system for each other and that carries over to all our clients. We care because we were there, so we will be with all our clients every step of the way.

Together we Forge On!!!!


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